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Teeth fillings are used to fill a cavity or damaged part of the tooth after removal of the decay. Receive the highest quality teeth fillings – now at a special offer from Lifeberries Healthcare.

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Do You Need Teeth Filling?

A tooth filling is a dental restoration that involves removing decay and repairing the affected tooth. Here are some visible signs that you need a tooth filling:-

  • Food that always gets stuck between certain teeth
  • A hole you can see or feel in your teeth
  • When your floss tears in a certain spot
  • A rough, chipped or broken tooth
The procedure for a tooth filling is used to repair minor fractures or decay in the teeth, as a form of restorative dental treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tooth gap-filling or Tooth filling is a dental procedure that is used to restore a lost tooth structure which might have decayed due to cavity or trauma. Usually, a decayed tooth gives rise to a hole that needs to be filled up with a dental filling to prevent it from further decay. A dental filling is therefore used to repair a broken, cracked or fractured tooth and stop it from crumbling off due to some unusual dental habits like teeth grinding, biting nails, etc.

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Numerous tooth filling options are available, but each of them has some benefits and some limitations. Some of the most commonly found tooth fillings include gold, silver amalgam, tooth-colored composite material, porcelain, and also a particular type of glass. It is only an experienced dentist who can decide the best tooth filling for you. However, the teeth gap filling cost in Nagpur at Choudhary’s Dental Clinic. mainly depends on the tooth filling you are using, the results you want to achieve, and what the insurance covers.

  1. Amalgam Fillings- Amalgams are usually used by dental professionals for long and are one of the most recommended elements that are to be used for filling cavities. Amalgam fillings are one of the strongest and perfect for filling holes for the molars since it will not be visible. An amalgam is created by blending two materials like several metallic elements, which makes it noticeable. So amalgams are best to be used on the molars, so they are less visible. However, amalgam filling is one of the least pricey ones.
  2. Composite Fillings– Composite fillings are also referred to as resin fillings that consist of a blend of glass or quartz that matches the shade of the tooth. But the good news is composite resin is long-lasting and best to use for small to medium size cavities for teeth that perform moderate chewing.
  3. Metals– Gold and silver are the two most commonly used metallic amalgams that can be used to fill in the cavities. But it is not so common because of the apparent reason that gold is very costly. Silver is quite feasible in comparison to gold, but people fancy the appearance of gold to silver fillings and also in terms of durability. Most people do not like the presence of a metal filling, though, but these are one of the most durable things that can last for about 10 to 15 years before it needs to be replaced. 
  4. Ceramic– A ceramic cavity filling that is made up of porcelain comes in natural tooth colour, so it is perfect to be used for a front tooth. Additionally, it is also less prone to getting stained quickly in comparison to a composite cavity filling. But, a ceramic tooth cement filling cost in Nagpur is very affordable if done at Choudhary’s Dental Clinic.
  5. Glass Ionomer- A glass ionomer is a blend of acrylic and glass that is used to create an ideal cavity filling. It is the best because it releases fluoride, which also protects the teeth. A glass ionomer is a less durable cavity filler, and it requires replacing every five years.

When you are visiting a dental clinic to undergo teeth filling, the dentist will briefly analyze the condition of the teeth. Then they will perform an x-ray or a laser fluorescence method to perceive the teeth in detail and understand the severity of the situation. Next, they administer some amount of anesthesia to the area of treatment to make the patients feel comfortable. 

The next step involves removing the damaged nerves and tissues by using a professional instrument or drill. The speed of this device can be changed while extracting the decaying materials from the first layer until it reaches the second layer of a tooth. In this second layer, a dynamic force cannot be used as it is a susceptible layer. 

Once the cleaning procedure is over, the dentists prefer taking an impression of the tooth hole, which is to be filled. Before filling, the tooth is lined up with a layer of a base to protect the tooth pulp. In some cases, an acid gel may also be used on the tooth to prevent the risk of further decomposition to the area of treatment that is present below the filling. 

After using the filling in the required place, a special light is used on the treated tooth to harden the filling. At the end of the procedure, the tooth is finally polished by using an equipment called Bur, which gives an appropriate shape. 

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There can be many signs and symptoms by seeing which you can assume whether you need a dental filling or not. Now some of the symptoms are mentioned below-

  • A cavity in your tooth
  • Dark black spots on the tooth
  • Trapped food particles between some regions of the teeth
  • Broken or fractured teeth
  • The sensitivity of tooth which occurs when having hot coffee or cold drink

So, if you experience any such circumstances mentioned above, then the chances are high that you may need a dental filling. Still, it is only your dentist who gets to take the final decision after a detailed oral examination. 

  • Anyone who has never undergone this procedure must be wondering if getting a teeth gap filled hurts or not. It is one of the most commonly asked questions. It is quite natural to be worried about the amount of pain involved in this procedure. But thanks to the modern anesthetics, which, once injected into the area of treatment, makes the area numb. So, patients undergoing a dental filling procedure feel no pain at all during the process. Now, the injection might be painful, but dentists can also alleviate that pain by using a numbing gel to the gum before administering the dose. However, the type of anesthetic used also impacts the teeth gap filling cost apart from the filling used, geographic location of the clinic, surgeon’s fees, and severity of the condition. 

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