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Teeth braces are devices used to correct crowded, crooked or misaligned teeth. Receive the highest quality braces – now at a special offer from Choudhary’s Dental Clinic.

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Do You Need Teeth Braces?

When people think of braces, many think about using braces for correcting crooked teeth to get a straighter smile. Yes, it’s true that braces can straighten your smile for a better appearance, but the benefits of braces go far beyond this and the teeth braces cost in nagpur is also very affordable. Braces can actually improve your oral and overall health in a number of other ways.

  • Teeth braces can reduce tooth decay and gum disease.
  • It can eliminate your bad harmful habits like chewing on pencils, thumb sucking and biting your lips.
  • By getting your teeth into proper alignment, your dental health can reduce problems that you have experienced in the past with digestion and eating.
Comfortable yet most effective invisible braces gives you the freedom to smile beautifully

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Frequently Asked Questions

Teeth braces are appliances used to correct misaligned teeth, an overbite or underbite, spacing in teeth, and crowding of teeth.

Some general dentists may be performing braces treatment and some basic teeth alignment procedures, but an orthodontist specializes in correcting the various irregularities of teeth.

The dentist or orthodontist will do a clinical examination, take photographs of the face and the teeth, take impressions(measurements) of the teeth, and refer the patient to a dental x-ray centre to take a lateral cephalogram and an OPG (X-rays of the mouth and head).

A treatment plan is then made according to the above information.

Teeth braces are done in cases of:

-Crowding of teeth

-Spacing in between teeth

-Problems in the alignment of jaws causing an uneven bite

-When the upper front teeth overlap the lower teeth too much, either horizontally (overjet) or vertically (overbite)

-When the upper front teeth bite behind the lower ones (underbite)

-Tilted teeth

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These are the oldest and most common type of braces. They are usually made of stainless steel.


-Can be used in almost all type of cases.

-Least expensive.


-Not aesthetic.

2)Ceramic Braces

The brackets used are ceramic or tooth-coloured, instead of metal brackets.


-More aesthetic as compared to metal braces.

-It can be used in most simple and complex cases.


-More expensive than metal braces.

-Foodstuff imparting colour should be avoided, to prevent discoloration of the ceramic brackets.

-More prone to breakage as compared to metal braces.

3)Lingual Braces

These are braces that are placed on the lingual(tongue) side of the teeth.


-More aesthetic than metal or ceramic braces.


-It cannot be used for complex cases.

-More expensive than metal and ceramic braces.

-Time taken to complete the treatment is generally prolonged.

4)Clear Aligners

These are customized plastic-like removable braces. Custom made sets of clear aligners are provided to the patient, which need to be changed periodically.


-Most inconspicuous and aesthetic type of braces.

-It can be removed during brushing, eating, and drinking.

-The result can be digitally viewed even before the treatment has started.


-It cannot be used for complex cases.

-Most expensive type of braces.

One must remember that not all kinds of braces can be used in all cases. Your dentist or the orthodontist will guide you as to which braces are possible in your case. A few simple cases may simply require the use of a removable retainer.

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Braces work by applying continuous pressure over a period of time to slowly move the teeth in the desired direction. The bone tends to change its shape as pressure is applied.

Braces have the following parts:

  • Brackets are the small squares bonded to the tooth surface with the help of a dental bonding agent. They hold the arch wires that move the teeth.
  • Orthodontic bands are wrapped around each tooth to provide an anchor to the brackets.
  • Spacers are placed between the teeth to create a small space before the placement of the orthodontic bands.
  • Arch wires are attached to the brackets and help in the movement of the tooth.
  • Ties are tiny rubber rings that fasten the arch wire to the brackets.
  • A buccal tube is a band on the last tooth that holds the end of the arch wire in place.
  • Ligatures are small elastic rubber bands holding the arch wire to the brackets.
  • Springs are placed between the brackets on the arch wire to pull, push, open or close the gaps between the teeth.
    • Rubber bands or elastics attach to the hooks on the brackets and are worn between the upper and lower teeth in various ways. They apply pressure to move the upper teeth against the lower teeth.
  • Braces are usually very effective in the realignment of teeth and correction of improperly positioned jaws. Dental braces not only ensure correction of misaligned teeth but also gives you a beautiful smile, along with a healthy mouth which helps you in proper chewing and speech.

    Braces are generally worn for a period of one to three years. Once the braces are removed, removable retainers are given to a patient. It is very important to wear these retainers as per the dentist’s instructions to prevent a relapse.

    The success of braces treatment also lies in how precisely the patient follows the dentist’s instructions during and after the treatment.

    • Braces cost in Ngapur usually differs according to the types of braces. Metal braces are generally the low-cost braces in Nagpur.
    • The cost of ceramic braces can go higher than that of metallic braces.
    • For lingual teeth braces the cost goes much higher.
    • The clear aligners cost in Nagpur may go into lakhs.
    • One must remember that the cost may vary according to the complexity of the case.
    • Also, dental braces generally require a visit once every month to the orthodontist. So, most of the dentists offers instalment for teeth braces treatment cost.

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