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Invisible braces gives you the freedom to align your teeth without anyone knowing about it . Receive the highest quality braces – now at a special offer from Choudhary’s Dental Clinic.

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Do You Need Invisible Braces?

Invisible braces is a clear set of aligners that are fitted to your teeth. They must be checked and replaced over the course of the first couple of months. Invisible braces is a preferred choice for adults and teens because they are practically invisible due to being clear.

  • Invisible braces is much more physically comfortable to wear. Since there are no wires or brackets, you don’t have to worry about getting any painful nicks or cuts in your mouth.
  • Invisible braces has become a norm for straightening the teeth, which means that you don’t necessarily have to deal with metal braces.
  • Invisible braces can make you feel free to smile and don’t have to feel overly self-conscious.
Comfortable yet most effective invisible braces gives you the freedom to smile beautifully.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Straight teeth and a beautiful smile is what everybody wants. This is the reason people look for orthodontic treatment, such as braces. With the advancement in technology, there are invisible braces available that have a minimal appearance. These braces offer an esthesis and serve as a good alternative to conventional wire/bracket braces.

Though invisible braces may not be suitable for some malaligned cases but are better followed by traditional orthodontics, these types of braces can be used to treat the conditions such as- overbite, widely spaced, and crooked teeth.

The invisible braces are exclusively designed for adults and older teenagers but are not recommended for baby teeth. Young teenagers facing orthodontic problems require traditional metal braces with brackets/wires on the front of the teeth. However, a good dentist can check whether you are a suitable candidate or not. Alternatively, the treatment designed for adults for the rigid cooperation are trays which need to be worn 22 hours per day and should not be forgotten or lost.

Traditional braces are those which have wires and brackets aligned to the front of every tooth. The invisible braces are less apparent in the mouth, which makes them a popular choice of braces for every adult. The term invisible is an umbrella term for various orthodontic treatment options such as clear aligners or ceramic braces or lingual braces.

There are various factors on which the right orthodontic method depends on which includes smile concerns to insurance coverage. Before making any recommendations, your orthodontist will consider your smile characteristics and your oral and medical history to check whether you’re eligible for certain treatments. If you have got the following characteristics then you’re a good candidate for invisible braces:

  • Enough spacing between teeth:-Orthodontic treatment requires unique oral hygiene. With any type of braces, you need to floss to clean your teeth and maintain proper dental hygiene. Some patients have less space between the orthodontic wire and gum line due to the alignment of brackets. However, the dentist recommends another form of treatment if your teeth overlap or show misalignment.
  • Good Overall Health including Oral:-It is important for a patient to be in good health before heading for orthodontic treatment. There are cases when your orthodontist may need higher health standards for placing braces as it can take time to adjust and results in irritating the surface. Thus, your body should have good healing capabilities to reduce the discomfort and risk of infection.
  • Minor to Moderate Bite:-Invisible braces can treat many conditions like conventional braces. However, for overbite issues, you may not be eligible for lingual braces as it can cause constant pressure on the brackets, which can break them off, affect the tooth movement, or damage your teeth.
  • Small teeth:-Traditional braces are larger when compared with conventional braces. For smaller teeth, your orthodontist will always recommend lingual braces to avoid crowding your mouth excessively.

However, if you think lingual braces can transform your smile, then you can consult with an orthodontist. Check out the advantages and know the potential drawbacks of this treatment as per your situation.

The idea of getting braces is not a good one, but nowadays, with the invisible braces, you can easily get the one as per your choice. The invisible braces help remove the stigma as well as the discomfort.

Braces usually are used to straighten the teeth or improve an overbite. These problems are mostly fixed during childhood, but there are adults too who need braces. In earlier days, traditional metal braces are used to correct dental problems as these are uncomfortable and are considered unsightly, which gave rise to a new type of braces. Invisible or lingual braces are often used as an option for orthodontic treatment instead of traditional metal braces.

Unlike traditional braces that are worn on the front of the teeth, invisible braces are placed on the backs of your teeth from where they are not visible at all. These braces are 100 percent customizable, and you can choose them as the contour of your teeth for the comfort and get the best smile you always want.

The whole process is step by step. Firstly, the orthodontist will take a full x-ray of your teeth and jaw along with the impressions of your gums. To make the braces of plastic or acrylic material, it can take about a month. Then the first set of clear aligners is inserted in your mouth. These aligners are, though, removable but must be worn throughout the day except the time when you eat, brush or floss. The doctor will recommend wearing the set for two or three weeks before that is replaced by the next set. In addition, you need to make regular appointments with your orthodontist to check the progress.

At Lifeberries Healthcare, the treatment begins with the initial consultation with our orthodontist. Our dentist will take the impressions of the teeth and sent them to the appliance laboratory along with the prescription. Following which the model made from the impressions is scanned into the computer. With 3-D imaging technology, the braces are made exclusively designed for you. The bracket and wire are customized in such a way that it can fit your teeth perfectly from the prescription given by our orthodontist. Usually, it takes five or six weeks to make your braces.

The braces are then delivered to the orthodontist’s office for the bonding appointment. It can take several hours for bonding appointment and can vary from one patient to another. The customization involves the adjustments, and consequently, fewer visits to the orthodontist, which are important during the treatment process.

  • The price of invisible braces is about the same or a bit more than that of higher than traditional orthodontic treatment. The cost of Invisible braces is determined by factors that include the type and duration of treatment, the dental professional, the location, your dental insurance and any other restorative work needed before or throughout treatment. Consult your dental insurance provider and dentist’s office to determine what orthodontic benefits you may qualify for.
  • At Lifeberries Healthcare, we are all set to help you take a right orthodontic method as per your condition. There are various orthodontic treatments such as conventional transparent braces, clear aligners, and lingual braces that can treat your dental problems. Our professional will carefully check the dental condition and recommend the type of braces.

    We at Lifeberries Healthcare provide high quality and affordable invisible braces cost. Our dentists are well qualified and are well-versed with the latest treatment techniques to offer a wide range of options to suit your needs. We promise you to provide the best care possible and look after you at Lifeberries.

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